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Birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, reunions, housewarmings. Give us a reason and we'll give you a party! We'll provide everything your guests will need to create their own masterpieces.
Church, scout, youth
and civic groups specials:
Package A:
$18 a person
Includes: $15 or under item to paint,
studio fee, all supplies needed, dedicated
staff member and party room
Package B:
$12 a person
Includes: 12 ounce mug, studio fee, all
supplies needed, dedicated staff member
and party room
Package C:
$7 a person
Includes: tile, studio fee, all supplies
needed, dedicated staff member and
party room

Our packages include:

We're all fired up about our party packages! BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE AVAILABLE MONDAY THRU SATURDAY!!!
Our packages includes all the great elements you will need to give your guest-of-honor a super time - painting and creating plus celebrating with you and their friends.

PARTY PACKAGE: $20 per person (Minimum of 8 people)the party room can hold up to 14! Guests choose a piece of bisque valued up to $15. Room is for 1 1/2 Hours - 2 hours. Party plate is given to birthday guest with their hand print!

Party is for the painters (and not a lot of extra room) so parents please drop children off or feel free to paint up front.

You can bring food, snacks and presents! If you are planning on eating we recommend 2 hours.

DEPOSIT REQUIRED: $50 deposit required. (non-refundable)

*Private parties you can reserve the whole studio for $150 and hour plus price of pottery. Closed to public.

Each guest will receive one piece of pottery to paint. Valued up to $15.00

Underglazes, sponges, stamps, stencils, brushes and all accessory items are available for artists to create their masterpieces. Artwork and design center are available too!

Color Me Mine will provide a dedicated staff member to handle all of your needs including but not limited to: painting advice, help serving the cake, stress relief for you, and most important- CLEAN UP!

Our children's parties are 1 1/2 hours long. Our adult parties are 2 hours long. If you plan on eating choose 2 hours.

Glazing and Firing:
Relax, we'll do this part for you! Your pieces will usually be ready for pickup one week after the party.


Party Paraphernalia:
For children's parties we provide a special gift for the birthday guest of honor. Feel free to bring in a cake or snacks for your guests. There are many places to order food delivered right here on 25th Street!

Studio Address & Phone:
Color Me Mine
188 25th Street
Ogden, Utah 84401

801-621-1085 Phone
Studio Hours:
Sunday closed
Monday 11-9
Tuesday 11-9
Wednesday 11-9
Thursday 11-9
Friday 11-9
Saturday 9-9
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